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 We build Custom DVRs Media Computers, Setup Fire TV, Roku and Setup Plex.Tv Servers, Smart TV, Tablets, Smart Phones and Help You Manage Your Digital Media

Tired of paying $20 or more a month for a DVR?  We can combine your DVR and media computer for the average cost of a year’s rental on the Cable Companies’ DVR. One DVR can replace multiple DVRs by adding a ChromeCast, Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV to other TVs. You can also watch recorded TV anywhere if you have a 1.5 MB internet connection on tablets, smart phones and computers; you can even sync TV shows and/or movies to your cloud storage.

Stop Wasting Money on Rented DVR boxes.

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Get technology to work can be a challenge for anyone, when you just what to watch your favorite show or movie. We stay on top of technology to ensure all our clients are satisfied with our results !